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Visas for Australia

Do you want to or are you considering:

  • Working in Australia?

  • Living in Australia? 

  • Studying in Australia? 

  • Investing in Australia?

  • Bringing your loved one to Australia? 

  • Hiring foreign employees from overseas for your business? 

  • Extending your stay in Australia?  

 Let us help your plans and dreams become reality. 


The Australian immigration system is complex and there can be many requirements. This increases risk of mistakes occurring. Therefore, doing it right the first time is critical because it can save you thousands of dollars and months of unnecessary delay. Applying for the wrong visa or not preparing your application properly may also mean delay or losing the opportunity to apply for further visas. 

We have expert knowledge and experience of all Australian visas, including the following: 

  • Investment and Business;

  • Work Visas (temporary and permanent); 

  • Student Visas;

  • Spouse and Partner Visas;

  • Permanent Residence; and

  • Strategic visa planning where you, your spouse or business are not visa ready.